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About Us

Over the years there has been an increasing demand to improve the quality of school leavers and job seekers by way of sharpening their aptitudes via globally rated parameters. More so, in recent times corporate bodies in all industries and the academia have begun to place a huge reliance on formally examined aptitudes on their candidates using tools like GMAT, GRE, SHL etc.

As a strategic response to this rising marketplace challenge, The Fountain was incorporated to ensure that graduates from all qualifying institutions within and outside Nigeria are adequately prepared to meet this challenge via a structured and rigorous process. The Fountain is a Nigeria-based educational outfit that offers intensive, personalized, well-rounded and practice oriented coaching and mentoring for the preparation for GMAT GRE SAT LBS entrance exams for students seeking MSC, MBA, PHD admission into desired university or colleges across USA, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, and the Lagos Business School. At W&B Fountain Prep, we are determined and well-positioned to close this skills gap by delivering our tested and proven teaching methodologies. We have built a framework that ensures that candidates from all institutions seeking to sit for any of the aforementioned examinations are better placed to excel and convincingly surpass benchmarks. This has over the years has helped us to perform creditably as we have a track record of numerous candidates in key institutions who have passed through our programme.

We help people:

  • Prepare efficiently in shortest time possible
  • Increase their confidence in their ability to pass an aptitude test
  • Improve their performance
  • Get to answer more questions in limited time
  • Surpass expectation

Our Approach

We provide services to our clients both in individual sessions and in structured classroom sessions. Our group sessions provide avenues to gain critical exam insights and techniques to approaching exam questions and also interact with like minds while personalized sessions provide an opportunity for even deeper analysis of the subject matter. Furthermore, we have been able to provide best fit delivery approaches tailored to the requirements of the focus area to enable candidates get to make the best out of our sessions and derive maximum value for their investment. Ranging from verbal to quantitative, abstract, logical reasoning,our customized sessions help candidates identify the best techniques to approach examination questions.


The mentoring aspect is to measure student improvement and progress. We typically measure the following:

  1.  Familiarity with concepts
  2.  Accuracy and precision
  3.  Pace and time management
  4.  Strength
  5. Guts and confidence level
  6.  Mass attack ability

With The Fountain preps, we believe that utilizing our core strength and experience in these services we constitute a formidable partner in creating the right skills for your esteemed institution.

For more information, Call: 09023296293,09099165853

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