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A Private Tutor Review

“I’ve taken the GMAT 3 times, and used self study, online course, and had some private tutoring sessions.

Overall, yes.. I found private tutoring valuable. However, I also found it was really up to me to drive the tutoring session to extract the most value. A tutor doesn’t magically just know where you need help, so the more you guide them, the more they can really help you.

A Private coaching Review

Things I learned:

A tutor isn’t a magic bullet answer to score better. You need to do the work still. You still need to be very active in the process. In fact, to get the most value, you probably have to work a bit harder than on your own. After my tutoring sessions, I felt way more exhausted than I would’ve in a 1hr self study session.

A great tutor knows things you probably haven’t thought about. This was huge value for me. I was merrily going along my way for months and then a tutor opened my eyes completely to new perspectives. A tutor can pinpoint things and be a shortcut in correcting your problem areas. Bonus not only was the info just plain great, it helped my confidence. (ie. the mindsets and positive attitude of a tutor is valuable also)

A lot of the things a tutor will teach you, you can find for free already. If you dug around, all the tips you’d ever need are already available for free on the forums and blogs.. and they’re written by top notch instructors themselves! Up to you if you can hunt and use this info, or find it easier for someone to provide it to you.

Not sure if my results are typical or can be attributed to a tutor, but after a 2hr session where I focused on SC, I went from scoring 3/10 on “10-packs” (doing every 10th question, starting from 50 or so) of OG SC questions, to 7/10 while also shaving ~15s off my average question time on my subsequent two 10-pack sessions afterwards.

On the flipside, to use a tutor and you just work through problems that you could learn solutions to just as well off the forums is a waste of money to me.”

says –¬†tim415

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A Private Tutor Review

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