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Bain and Co. Test


The online aptitude tests for Bain & Co. are provided by Cubiks, one of the leading test providers. Although you may not find the material difficult, working under pressure can be challenging.

Bain & Co. Numerical Reasoning for Business (RfB)

The Bain & Co. numerical reasoning tests are business oriented and aim to assess your numerical ability. With approximately 25 questions to answer in 20 minutes, you must work fast and efficiently. In the questions, you are presented with data is either a graph or table form. Using basic maths functions, you may use the data to answer the questions asked. Practicing numerical reasoning questions is the best way to prepare for this test and you can do so with JobTestPrep’s numerical style practice tests.

Bain & Co. Logical Reasoning Tests

The Bain & Co. logical reasoning test is focused on diagrammatic reasoning. Again, in this test time is of the essence.You are given approximately 30 questions to complete in 25 minutes. You are given two groups of shapes, each with a different shape pattern. Your first task is to identify the pattern or rule which links each shape in the group together. Following this, you must examine 4 new shapes and decide which pattern or rule they follow. Being familiar with this type of test is the best way to prepare as you will learn the underlying concepts and rules that govern this test. JobTestPrep provides practice for Cubiks style diagrammatic reasoning tests to help you.

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