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McKinsey Problem Solving Test

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The McKinsey Problem Solving Test is among the most difficult standardised tests you will likely take in your lifetime. It is therefore worthwhile spending time understanding the basics of the test and learning preparation techniques. Here are the nine things you need to know about the test:

  1. The PST is a pen-and-paper test used by McKinsey
  2. It is designed to test your numerical computation and logic skills
  3. Composed of 26 questions distributed over three different business cases. Each business case refers to a company or organization that is facing a challenge and that has hired you to help them find a solution.
  4. Questions will mainly fall under two categories: maths and logic.
  5. What makes the Problem Solving Test such a difficult challenge is that you only have 60 minutes to answer 26 questions
  6. Out the 200,000 candidates, about 65,000 get invited to take the McKinsey PST and that 33% of them succeed at the test.
  7. On a 26-question test, you need to get at least 19 questions (70%) right in order to succeed.
  8. No calculator, no scrap paper
  9. Answer all questions:

Successful candidates overcome the time pressure they face when taking the PST by preparing for the test in three steps:

  1. They first acquire extremely confident maths skills by reviewing maths basics but also learning advanced techniques specifically helpful for the PST. This then enables them to not hesitate in maths during the test.
  2. They also develop a consistent answering technique. By approaching PST questions in a consistent way they build habits that enable them to be as fast as possible even under the pressure of the actual test.
  3. They take PST tests multiple times to get used to the type of questions that are frequently asked in the PST. As a consequence, question types that are regularly found in the official Problem Solving Tests do not surprise them.

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